Axzon Unique Production Cycle

Cross Border Sustainability
  • The Axzon Group

    The Axzon Group consists of four agricultural – and food production units in Denmark, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

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  • 4 countries

    Denmark, Poland, Ukraine and Russia

  • 2423


  • 44,352


  • 1,129,975

    pigs sold annually

  • 51,100

    tonnes meat produced annually

  • 61,935

    KWh produced annually

  • 26,987

    hectares harvested annually

We are Axzon

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    Meet Tom
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    Meet Alexander
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    Meet Marta

Meet Tom

CEO of The Axzon Group

We are proving that it is possible to combine an intensive production with a sustainable production, using the newest available technology and knowhow and at the same time, having the least possible negative impact on the environment. This is the way forward in the food production sector and we wish to lead the way.

CEO of The Axzon Group

Meet Alexander

Deputy Pig Production Manager

Based on Danish know-how and standards, we have built a solid and constantly developing pig production department, that not only delivers high production results but also lives up to the highest standards of biosecurity and animal welfare.

Deputy Pig Production Manager

Meet Luba

External Relations Manager

In Axzon we don’t do business the fast way – we do it the right way. Open and honest. This may not always be the fastest solution but in the long run this is a part of developing the villages that surrounds our production facilities – and even a part of developing the entire countries we work within.

External Relations Manager

Meet Piotr

Manager of the Biogas plant in Koczała

Today there are many demands for the companies working in the food production sector and in Axzon, the production of biogas is a way to secure a responsible and sustainable production process. In this way, Axzon differentiates from other traditional agricultural companies but also because of the fact, that our activities are carried out in several different countries and cultures which gives additional possibilities.

Manager of the Biogas plant in Koczała

Meet Marta

Analysist in the slaughterhouse laboratory

I like having a job and a lifestyle that goes so well hand in hand. Every day I make sure that our products are living up to our high standards in Axzon and that they can be a part of the consumers’ healthy lifestyle. Internally in the company we try to lead a healthy lifestyle as well. Triathlon, running for charity as well as weight loss and stop-smoking programs are just some of the great activities we arrange and that every employee can participate in.

Analysist in the slaughterhouse laboratory

Sustainable agriculture

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  • pigs
  • biogas
  • meat
  • csr


For more than a dozen years, we’ve worked hard to make sustainability and transparency more than just buzzwords. Click on the link below for a snapshot of our accomplishments and the challenges we continue to face.

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  • Prime Food Grill Garden is open

    If you are visiting the Przechlewo area in Poland, make sure to swing by the new Prime Food Grill Garden by the Przechlewo lake. What a great opportunity to taste all of the delicious Axzon products! ...
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  • A celebratory day in Prime Food

    On Saturday the 4th of June the Axzon slaughterhouse Prime Food held the official opening of the new MAP hall. Local authorities and representatives were invited to celebrate the newest investment which...
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    In April our CEO from Poldanor, Grzegorz Brodziak represented Axzon at a grand meeting and dinner in Warsaw together with the Danish Prime Minister and the Polish President. The theme for the Warsaw...
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  • Axzon CEO meets with Danish and Ukrainian Prime minister

    Axzon CEO met with the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the Ukrainian Prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in Kiev to discuss the future for foreign business’ in Ukraine. Axzon was invited...
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