Opening of new feed mill in Tambov, Russia

Posted on 03.02.2017

Yesterday a great event took place in the Axzon organization. Our Russian subsidiary Dan-Invest held the grand opening of their new impressive feed mill. The local TV-station from Tambov was present at the opening and broadcasted from the event:

At the opening there were speeches from Dan-Invest COO Nicolai Jepsen, The Vice Governor of Tambov Oblast, Sergey Ivanov and Axzon division director Kristian Brokop.


The facility has been delivered by the Danish company Skiold and has a capacity of: 20.000 ton based on 4 silos and silos for 840 ton raw material based on 4 silos. The facility has an intake capacity of 100 ton/hour, a pelleting facility and a drying section with a capacity of 40 ton/hour.

IMG_5564 IMG_5680 IMG_5681

At the opening 60 invited guests and memebers of the Axzon staff gathered to listen to the speaches from both officials from the Tambov Oblast as well as Axzon and Dan-Invest management. After the official opening, there was a rountrip on the new facility guided by the Dan-Invest engineer and production director. The day ended with a dinner at the Dan-Invest headquarters.

In Axzon we are exited about the possibillities the new feed mill creates for our division in Russia and look forward to experince the feedmill in action!

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