Company announcement: Proceedings at Extraordinary General Meeting

Posted on 15.11.2017

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) in Axzon A/S on 15 November 2017, Mrs. Helle Okholm was elected as a new member of the Board of Directors.

Helle Okholm holds a MSc in Business Administration and Auditing and has worked as a State Authorized Public Accountant with KPMG for 15 years, including two years as a partner. Her strong financial background from accounting is supplemented by management positions at international companies, working 5 years as Nordic CFO of Bluegarden Holding A/S (formerly Multidata Holding A/S) following 14 years in group finance management positions at Foss A/S, Chr. Hansen A/S and ISS Danmark A/S. Furthermore, Helle Okholm is an experienced board member having served on the boards of more than 40 Danish and foreign companies, including current board memberships in Jeudan A/S, Basisbank A/S and Lokaltog A/S.

Furthermore, the EGM adopted a proposal by the Board of Directors authorizing the Board of Directors to increase the share capital of Axzon A/S up to nominally DKK 6,859,760 to facilitate a private placement of new shares in Axzon A/S against a contribution in kind of shares in the Axzon subsidiary, Danosha Ltd. by a minority shareholder of Danosha Ltd.

Also, the EGM adopted a proposal from the Board of Directors to change the rule on the power to bind the Company in order to enable the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as two members of the Executive Board to jointly bind the Company.


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Axzon at a glance

Axzon is an international producer of high quality pork products operating in Poland, Ukraine and Russia based on Danish production standards. The company is to a large extent self-sufficient and masters the whole production chain from field to fork, from growing crops for feed, breeding and slaughtering pigs including using the manure in biogas facilities to produce electricity and organic fertilizer for the fields. In Poland, Axzon is certified as CO2 neutral in the entire production chain by German TÜV and operates according to the highest standards in terms of animal welfare, transparency in the production and sustainable production methods.