The Executive Board

Tom Axelgaard

Axzon CEO

Tom Axelgaard is the founder of Axzon A/S.

Tom is an educated farmer from Denmark and has previously owned and managed his own cattle farm and pig farm in western Jutland.

In 1994 Tom travelled to Poland with a group of Danish investors in order to explore the possibilities of agricultural production based on Danish knowhow.

Since then, Tom has worked as the managing director of the various companies in the Group until the establishment of the mother company Axzon in 2010, where he is the current CEO.

Apart from the above, Tom is the functioning chairman of the board in both Poldanor, Prime Food, Danosha and Dan-Invest.


Hans Henrik Pedersen

Axzon CFO

Hans Henrik Pedersen is the CFO of Axzon and together with Tom Axelgaard and Ole Østergaard Lauridsen he forms the Executive Board in Axzon.

He has previously worked as Group Vice President, Head of Group Business Development at Falck Gruppen where he has worked in several senior positions since 2012.

Hans Henrik Pedersen began his career at Atrium Gruppen where he worked with financial advice and strategy. In 2011 he was hired by the investment bank Carnegie and worked with company mergers and IPOs amongst other corporate financial tasks.

Hans Henrik holds a master in Economics and Business Administration from The University of Southern Denmark.