Meet Luba

External Relations Manager

In Axzon we don’t do business the fast way – we do it the right way. Open and honest. This may not always be the fastest solution but in the long run this is a part of developing the villages that surrounds our production facilities – and even a part of developing the entire countries we work within.

I started working for The Axzon Group in 2007 as a translator in the subsidiary Danosha, Ukraine. This was my first job after I graduated from the university, and I quickly realized, that working in this organization was like coming to a different country every day. The work-processes and organization structure are completely different from the more bureaucratic systems that were and still is in Ukraine. Fortunately, I later on became assistant to the director in Danosha and after this, Administrative Manager. Throughout the years, working in The Axzon Group, I have watched the organization grow and expand but at the same time, Axzon has remained true to the values that have helped us to the position we hold today.

As an international player in the agricultural field we in Axzon find, that we have a huge obligation to always try to better ourselves and be transparent, open and honest in everything we do. My job as an External Relations Manager is to ensure, that all local authorities and communities are informed about our values and the way we do business, in order for us to gain more positive feedback and invitations for corporation.

Our mission is to bring hope and positive energy to the villages. By constantly informing about the way we operate and inviting the residents to participate in various activities, we create common grounds for future corporations. Why should so many young Ukrainians go abroad to make a living for themselves, if we can create good and ambitious workplaces for them within Axzon right here in their home country ?

When I visit the villages, I often experience negativity and also despair. It is mostly elderly people who are living in the small villages, and most of their kids and grandkids have left or are trying to leave the country in order to make it abroad. Part of my job is to convince the people who are still living in the villages, that we are actually trying to develop the country via our business. Hopefully this could result in more Ukrainian companies adapting to this way of conducting business and this way, creating more jobs for the young people who grow up in the villages.

In Axzon we create possibilities for development. This is why, we have created “The Social Fund??? in Danosha, Ukraine. The local villages can apply to the social fund with a project they need help financing. All of the projects are presented on our website, and the public can vote for the best projects. Afterwards a committee consisting of village heads, the head of the district as well as representatives from Danosha decides which projects should be taken on. The social fund, alongside our various CSR activities means, that we are constantly present in developing and contributing to the local communities.

Over the years we have engaged the villages in various projects. We bring the material and they help with the manual labor. Axzon has reconstructed kindergartens, schools and village clubs. We have helped to fix streetlights, sponsored sport clubs and arranged activity days where we clean the streets of the city or paint the fading buildings.

CSR is not just a buzz-word. It is the very core of our business. We must care for the environment that surrounds us and always try to involve and engage our own employees as well as the people who lives near our production facilities. As a professional business we are of course goal- and result oriented. But what must not be forgotten, is the way in which we achieve these goals. Axzon gives me the opportunity to work with this process and at the same time, to help develop my home-country. I look forward to continuing this work and believe that the work we do in all parts of the Axzon Group makes a huge difference to a lot of people.