Meet Marta

Analysist in the slaughterhouse laboratory

The costumers today are very aware of what they eat. If you cannot trace the products and provide valid information to the consumers about the origin and production process of the product, it can be difficult to win the trust of the customers


In my everyday job I deal with testing our various products. We test for salmonella, listeria and staphylococci in all of our products. In our processed products we also test the level of water, salt, fat and protein. The minced meat is checked on the production line, where they have a separate system for this. Other than the actual testing of the meat, what is very important in my job is to keep track of the meat and the test results. Every day I deal with the documentation of our test results in our reports, I create trend-analysis’ and work closely together with our sales representatives and the accredited laboratories we collaborate with.

Apart from my everyday tasks in the lab, I am involved with writing for the local company newspaper Głos and I am also very active in organizing the various activities that is going on in the company


I like having a job and a lifestyle that goes so well hand in hand. Every day I make sure that our products are living up to our high standards in Axzon and that they can be a part of the consumers’ healthy lifestyle. Internally in the company we try to lead a healthy lifestyle as well. Triathlon, running for charity as well as weight loss and stop-smoking programs are just some of the great activities we arrange and that every employee can participate in.


My work in the slaughterhouse actually started with an internship in the MAP department in 2010. I did not have any experience in working in a slaughterhouse, but the internship made me interested in the production process. I did not have any experience with working in a laboratory as well but I was very interested in learning about this part of the process. I have a degree in physical education and I have always been interested in health and sports. That is why I would like to work in the food production sector, as our eating habits are a vital part of the lifestyle we lead.


In the beginning I followed the manager of the quality department closely and was able to see and understand how all of the tests are conducted and reported. I participated in various trainings and started to broaden my knowledge about microbiology and chemistry. Fortunately, I have always been supported by the company to participate in trainings that will broaden my knowledge further. Axzon invests in my education and this autumn I will start additional studies in my spare time in order to become a specialist in microbiology.


My job is about securing the high quality and healthiness of the products we produce in Axzon. Just as well as I myself care about what I eat, I respect that others do the same. I believe that it is of great importance to be able to show the costumers that every precaution has been taken in order to secure that they get a fresh, quality product.