Meet Piotr

Manager of the Biogas plant in Koczała

My adventure in the Axzon Group started in October 2006 as the operator of the biogas plant located in Pawłówko in Poland. It was the first and only biogas plant in Axzon at that time and even the first biogas plant in all of Poland. I was very interested in working in the company and especially with biogas, so the possibility to work at the biogas plant in Pawłówko was very exciting to me.

All beginnings are tough, and the beginning of our biogas venture was no different. Because we were the first agricultural company in Poland to build a biogas-facility, we pretty much had to learn everything by ourselves. Through numerous trials, mistakes and evaluations, we kept on learning from our mistakes and fought to constantly better our results and work process.

Every day we learned more and more about how the process of producing heat and electricity from biogas works and we were able to grow more confident in our work. That meant that we eventually opened more biogas plants in Axzon and we used our internally acquired knowledge to get the other plants up and running as smoothly as possible.

Today I work as a manager of our biogas plant in Koczała and I am still just as challenged by the biogas field as the first day I started working in the company. A typical day for me is very varied, but one of the most important tasks is to always make sure, that the plant is running smoothly and that we live up to our targets. This means that we check the HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points), the exploitation of generators data, halts of aggregates, exchanged/used spare parts for generators and pumps, prepare daily reports and environmental reports, accounting monthly production of heat energy, settling working time, placing orders for supplies of raw materials (maize silage, straw) and various oils. There is a lot of things that has to play well together when producing biogas; the biological process in itself and also the complex technical equipment that is crucial to the production process. Working in Axzon, I have participated in various trainings and courses both within the company and conducted by representatives of our external collaborators, in order to learn about the technologies.

I have always been offered possibilities to improve my skills and knowledge about producing biogas – and when Axzon started opening more biogas plants, I got the opportunity to become the teacher and share all of my gained knowledge and experience with the employees of the biogas plants in the rest of the Axzon Group. In that way we share our know-how internally and thus we are always able to make sure, that all of the plants in the Axzon Group are running in the same way and always live up to the high standards that is expected.

The production of biogas is a way of getting the most out of the resources we have, and at the same time, thinking about the environment and the climate. Today there are many demands for the companies working in the food production sector and in Axzon, the production of biogas is a way to secure a responsible and sustainable production process. In this way, Axzon differentiates from other traditional agricultural companies but also because of the fact, that our activities are carried out in several different countries and cultures which gives additional possibilities.