Meet Tom

CEO of The Axzon Group

The dream of Axzon is an ideological idea of producing food for the growing world population in the most logical geographical locations, at the lowest possible cost and with the least possible negative impact on the local and global environment. I am a firm believer and supporter of free market mechanisms and of free trade in the entire world, not least when it comes to food production.

In a global perspective, what is distinct about Axzon is our solid background in Danish Agriculture and Food industry. In Denmark we have as farmers learned the hard way how to intensify our animal production with the least possible negative impact on the environment. These are the lessons learned, which have made it crucial for us to conduct our production in the same matter, even though we are not under the same Danish jurisdiction.

In order for us to be in control of the impact that the production has on the environment, we needed to come up with a system that secures transparency and traceability in the production. Our unique production cycle means that we have full control of the whole production chain from field to fork, meaning from the seed that goes into the ground till the meat products on the shelves in the supermarket. This gives us a unique possibility to monitor our products through the entire process of production and thus securing traceability to the costumers. With us, you know what you eat.

The world population is growing fast and the demand for high quality meat products has never been higher. The consumers are constantly getting more conscious about what they eat and how food products are being produced. Our production system makes it easier for us to adjust to the costumer’s demands and still secure that we have had a minimal negative impact on the environment.

It is vital for us that we operate in a sustainable way, so naturally we are proud of our CO2 neutrality certificate from the German TüV institute. We received the certificate in 2014 because of our CO2 neutrality throughout the whole production process compared to a world average of 5.5kg CO2 evaporated per kg produced pork meat. This is something that we are very proud of in the Axzon Group as it goes to show that you can produce large scale, give people the possibility to eat a healthy, varied diet with protein from meat and still be responsible towards the suffering climate.

Our responsibilities do not only concern the environment but certainly also our animals. The well being of our production animals is of great importance to us. The key-angle for us is that the same rules apply for animals as they do for people: If we are not feeling well, we will not perform well. Thus, securing good conditions for our animals is not only important from a moral point of view – it is also a business strategy.

To secure that all parts of our production lives up to the high standards we expect from ourselves, our most important asset is our employees. In my years spent in Axzon, my greatest lesson learnt has been, that people create results. You can buy all the most expensive technological solutions the market has to offer, but if you do not have the right employees to understand and implement them, it doesn’t matter. In Axzon we invest time and money in finding the right people for the job. We depend on our employees – both on their mutual trust and respect but also on their ability to think innovative and always strive to improve and become more efficient.

The combination of a solid arable department, an efficient pig production, a slaughterhouse, our own construction departments and biogas facilities together with a highly competent staff is the Axzon way of doing business. In the future, we simply hope that we can continue the line we have set. We are not focused on size but rather on giving everyone who has invested anything in Axzon a good return on their investments, and that also relates to our employees meaning that if they invest their abilities and loyalty in the company, they deserve the best possible reward. However, we would like to explore the possibility of expanding to other markets in the world, because we believe that we have found a sustainable and lasting production model.

Our vision and mission for the future is to perform and improve intensification of sustainable agriculture not only locally, but also across borders.