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Axzon Unique Production Process

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Production process

In Axzon we base our production on our unique production cycle From Field to Fork.

From field to fork NY

The production of our ready-products is CO2 neutral because of our production methods dating back to the time where the field is prepared for crop production, throughout the production of feed for the pigs, the primary pig production, slaughtering and processing the meat to the finished products that is sold to the costumers.

This method first and foremost consists of having a constant focus on an optimal use of all resources in the production chain from field to fork as well as a responsible waste management process where everything is reused to produce heat and energy in our biogas facilities.

By basing our production on the unique cycle, we make sure that we are mastering each step in the production process and thus we are in full control over the entire supply chain. This secures tracability in the production and makes it easier for us to maintain the high quality standards that we set for ourselves.

In Axzon we want to be leading in terms of sustainable production. Our CO2 neutral prouction of meat is a result of this and proves that it is possible to produce food for the growing world population and at the same time think of the environment and the climate.

The protection of the environment and the areas that sorrund our production sites are of great importance to us, and we believe that the way to a fully sustainable agicultural model is not only about production, but about both environment, society and economy.

In Axzon we concentrate on all three areas in order to improve our sustainable production.