Biogas Production


The mission and vison of Axzon is mainly focused on further developing and expanding our unique production model, which centers around sustainable food production. One of the most essential parametres in this strategy is our production of heat and electricity via our biogas plants.

The first biogas plant in the history of Axzon was launched in Poland in 2005 and today The Group operates 9 biogas facilities, 8 in Poland and one in Ukraine, and the 10th is on its way in Ukraine as well. On an annual basis, Axzon produces more than 60 thousand MWH in total and we plan on expanding our production further with more biogas plants in the future to come.

The production of biogas in Axzon has various purposes. The produced heat and electricity is used to heat up our own farms while the excessive electricity is distributed to the public grid and thus used in the sorrounding villages.

The fermented biomas, which is segregated in the digestion tank, is used as organic fertilizer on Axzons fields where it is spread on to our crops, which then again is used in our production of feed for the pigs. In this way, the biogas production ties the unique production cycle together.

In 2013 the collaboration between our Polish pigproducer Poldanor and our slaughterhouse Prime Food was verified as CO2 neutral because of the conversion to biogas in the production process. Axzons business actually reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses that evaporates into the atmosphere.

This unique and sustainable colaboration was honored in 2014 by The Financial Times and IFC- the World Bank at the annual Transformational Business Award in London where Axzon won in the catagory “optimal projectfinancing in the catagory feed and water”.