Pig Production

The main product in Axzon is our first-class finishers with an average live weight of approximately 110kg. In order to make the entire production system as efficiently as possible, a small part of our production is also sold as either weaners at 7kg or piglets at 30kg. All of the produced finishers in Axzon are born or grow up in Axzon owned farms.

Today almost the entire production in Axzon is based on genetics from the Danish breeding company Dan-Avl. The boars from Dan-Avl are placed in our own boar stations and the sows are artificially inseminated.

In Axzon our animals are divided into three categories:

  • Sows
  • Weaners
  • Finishers

In some cases, we base our production upon a three-site system consisting of sow farms, weaner farms and finishers farms. However, we also have farms, consisting of more than one category. In these cases, we have a very strict and tight division of the sections on the farm. The division of the animals helps us keep a tight control of our animals, their performance and health status. It also gives us a better control over our biosecurity.

In Axzon, the health of our animals is a top priority because this has a direct impact on both food safety and the quality of our products. The goal of the biosecurity program in the Axzon Group is to stop transmission of diseases by minimizing the movement of biologic organisms or their vectors (body fluids, viruses, bacteria, rodents, flies, etc.) onto and within animal operations.

Our biosecurity management practices are designed to prevent the spreading of risk factors by minimizing and controlling cross-contamination of body fluids (feces, urine, saliva, etc.) between animals, from animals to feed and from animals to equipment that may directly or indirectly contact animals. A high health status of the herd equals animal welfare, less usage of medicine, higher efficiency and profitability in the production.

Animal welfare is of top priority in The Axzon Group and we are committed to the wellbeing and humane treatment of all animals in our care. We also believe that animal welfare and high quality products go hand in hand in modern animal production. Our animal welfare standards and procedures are incompliance with local legislation and do in general meet some of the highest standards in the world – this being EU or Danish welfare norms. To ensure that these high standards are met, we educate and train all our employees in proper care and handling procedures with regard to our animals. All employees and contract farmers involved with the handling of our animals must comply with company policies and understand their responsibilities to ensure the welfare of the animals in their care.

Production cycle