Who We Are

Our story

The idea of Axzon began in 1994 where a group of farmers and investors from Denmark wished to explore the possibilities of agricultural production in Eastern Europe. One of these farmers was the current CEO from Axzon, Tom Axelgaard. His hopes for this venture was an ideological one, because of his personal experiences as a farmer in Denmark.

At that time the EU was supporting and protecting its own limited market, which lead to a substantial overproduction of a lot of agriculture and food products. The overproduction was exported with subsidies to other parts in the world, which meant increasing costs for storage and transport and at the same time reduced the local producer’s possibilities to compete with the imported products. In fact, it would make much more sense to produce the products locally, both seen from an environmental, resource and labor access point of view.
In the early 90s, Eastern Europe was slowly recovering after the communist regime and because of the inefficiency in the agricultural sector; the animal production had almost collapsed during the change of the system. The countries were starting to change into market economies and there was an immense need to reestablish the milk and meat production instead of importing.

Thus, the group of Danish farmers led by Tom Axelgaard decided to explore the possibilities for using Danish know-how and technology to make the production more efficient. The group started in Poland, as it had a well functioning privatization program established, and this became the beginning of the story of Axzon.