CSR is a vital part of doing business in Axzon and every day new projects and initiatives are being taken in the organization.


Every year, the Axzon slaughterhouse Prime Food arranges the annual Triathlon in Przechlewo which is the hometown of both Poldanor and Prime Food.

The big sportsevent lasts an entire weekend and has almost 1000 participants, more than 3000 visitors and about 200 volunteers. A lot of the volunteers are employees from Prime Food and Poldanor. The annual triathlon draws a lot of people to the local community and it is truely an event that fits with Axzons values about leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Run for myself & others

This event aims to promote physical activity and at the same time helping those who for various reasons need support. In the first edition of “Run for myself and for others”, 19 runners from Prime Food and Poldanor ran a distance of 6309 km and accumulated 3155 PLN. The right to designate who will receive this financial assistance was the winner of the action. The winner decided to award the entire amount to a girl from the polish town Przechlewo, who suffers from cerebral palsy left-sided.

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Support of local sports clubs

In Russia, Dan-Invest supports the local children’s football club. In the summer of 2015, Dan-Invest sponsored a trip for the local football talent Ivan Bzikadze, to Turkey for a training camp with other Russian football talents. Here, he got to play on the “national team??? against Serbia and Romania.

In Poland we support the local football academy – JFA (Junior Football Academy) from Przechlewo, associating children across the region who can develop their football passion. Last year a “Prime Food cup??? took place.


Clean Environment

In Axzon we care about the environment and the communities that sorrounds our production sites. In Danosha, Ukraine, they have the annual Danosha For Clean Environment days where volunteers and employees from Danosha takes on a projct in the local communities.

Theese projects have been:

– cleaning of streets

– washing and tiding up buildings and local institutions

– painting the local schools and institutions

– planting new trees and flowers

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It’s cool to be cautious – stay safe on the roads

The project is a collaboration between Prime Food, Poldanor, the local police and authorities in Przechlewo. Reflective vests are handed out to children from kindergarden and schools as well as the children of our employees. The police attend meetings where they explain about being safe in traffic and taking care of yourself in general. The big attraction for the youngest children was a demonstration of police cars.


Charity Bazaars

We support different charity bazaars. Among others The International Charity Bazaar in Warsaw where sponsors and ambassadors raised money for various charities.


CSR Report

Being a major player within pig production and meat processing in the countries and the local communities where we work, we understand that how we treat the environment and our animals, how we do business and how we interact with stakeholders has an impact. We want to ensure that this impact is as positive as possible, and that our corporate footprint is as light as can be. Therefore, CSR is a focus area for us, and we constantly strive to improve and become better corporate citizens, locally and even globally.