Values and Vision

Our slogan in Axzon is Cross Border Sustainability and one of our most important values is to produce in a sustainable manner having the least positive negative impact on the environment. We do believe that it is possible to feed the growing world population with high quality meat products without damaging the climate.  


“To become the world’s leader in agriculture and food production based on sustainable production standards and high quality of both products and organization”


“To produce healthy, high-quality food for human consumption using the least possible resources and having the least possible negative impact on the natural environment”


In Axzon we work with four Key Value Drivers. Together they make out the foundation of our production process in which we are in full control from Field to Fork. Our production of energy through our biogas plants is the way we in Axzon secure that we can minimize the amount of CO2 we evaporate into the atmosphere. Thus, the biogas plants are a vital and important part of our vision of becoming leading in sustainable food production.


Key Value Drivers